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Micro Positioning is a term that refers to the precise positioning of objects at a very small scale. We leverage this strategy to sample angles for early startups by building granular landing pages and managing paid social traffic on full autopilot. This enables companies to reach and acquire customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional growth hacking methods.

Some of the names we worked with

Some of the names we worked with...

One package with an unbeatable pricing and a money-back guarantee.

Our system has a proven track record of helping companies scale quickly and efficiently. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that your startup reaches full potential and rapid growth.

Landing page buildouts

Landing pages must be dynamic. In today's world, a static one-fits-all approach costs companies hundreds of thousands with little to no effect.

Content management

People have yet to determine what ideas will work and which part of the product most appeals to the end user. We test all possible options.

Paid social optimization

We drive traffic through paid social, correlating it with the messaging on the landing pages, setting a foundation for a product market fit.

Email drip campaigns

Nurturing leads is as important as making the 1st touch point. No matter how effective the campaign is, it's vital to educate leads over email.

scale cost effectively

scale cost effectively

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CEO at Zephyr
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Designer at Zephyr
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Developer at Zephyr

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November 18, 2022

Understanding Behavioral Targeting: A Comprehensive Guide

December 31, 2022

The Power of Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) in Marketing

Our workflows run the entire funnel in the background.

Locating market fit

This process continuously cycles through positing angles building a solid foundation for a market fit.

Understanding customers

This method is key to your success in developing the right products and services for the right customer.

Polymer is Business Intelligence (BI) without the complicated setup and steep learning curves.

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After Yell Cut's micro-positioning strategy, we had to rethink why users would use Polymer. These learnings were critical for us.
Yasser Ansari
Co-Founder @ Polymer Search

An eco-friendly alternative to
harmful plastic straws. Let's change the world for the better together.

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Yell Cut outperformed two much larger companies. Mykyta built an incredible and efficient team that feel like family today.
Andrew Litvin

This place has something in common with a yacht, a camper truck and a traditional house.

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The Yell Cut team's relentless pursuit of product-market fit using micro positioning was instrumental in our growth.
Oksana Anikushkina
Managing Partner @ Sola

Emails from people you don't know skip your inbox and go to your Gated folder.

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Yell Cut took care of the entire funnel, from social outreach to landing pages. And the cherry on the cake, they kept us up to date at every step.
Melissa Moody
Chief Marketing Officer @ Gated