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About DirectIQ

DirectIQ is a company that specializes in providing easy email marketing automation for marketers. Our platform is designed to make it simple for marketers to send better emails and get better results. One example of this is our A/B campaign setup page, which allows users to choose templates and select one or more criteria with ease. Users also have the option to add segmentation for even more targeted campaigns.

In addition to our user-friendly platform, DirectIQ also offers clear and beautiful delivery reports. Our email marketing metrics include a range of data such as open rates, click-through rates, geo-tracking, and even spam complaints. All of this data is presented in visually appealing charts and graphs, making it easy for marketers to understand and use.

DirectIQ is built to help marketers to create and send emails with ease and get the results they want. We offer a user-friendly platform and clear, beautiful delivery reports that make it easy for marketers to understand and use the data. By using DirectIQ, you can make better decisions and improve your email marketing strategies.